Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December 1, 2013

     What a wonderful time to be a missionary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The Lord is preparing people and we have so many resources to use to learn about and preach the gospel! 
     This week was actual a little slower for us because so many people went out of town for Thanksgiving but it was still a really good week. 
     Thanksgiving was so good!  We ate a huge breakfast with the Lloyd Lee family  She made sticky buns, the same recipe my mom does!  It was quite the treat!  We also had French toast, waffles, sausages, eggs, fruit, and muffins!  I love breakfast!  Then we went to the Winns for Thanksgiving dinner at 3.  She made the green bean casserole that my mom sometimes makes.  It was great to enjoy two home favorites in one day! :) The investigator they invited didn't show up but we still had a good dinner and shared a message with them about Thanksgiving and missionary work.  We have been using Alma 26:37 as our Thanksgiving message to share with people.  A woman that wouldn't let us read with her before let us read that scripture with her and we talked about what we are grateful for.  At 6 we ate dessert with the Collins and the Carruths.  I was so stuffed!!!!!  It was so delicious though!  We had made turkey Thank you cards for some of our investigators and members that had invited us over for dinner.  It was a good Thanksgiving! 
     We met with a really sweet 98 year woman this week!  She definitely does not look 98 years old.  She is catholic and has a great love for the Savior.  We shared with her our Thanksgiving message from the Book of Mormon and talked to her about the Book of Mormon.  I'm sure she enjoyed our visit. 
     One of our investigators had an experience with the Holy Ghost and is reading the Book of Mormon.  His wife has such great faith and strengthens him so much.  It was really funny because when we got to their house to teach them the elders were already there, haha.  They had gone to visit a different person but the wife had seen them and invited them in saying that later the sisters were coming over to teach a lesson.  Well, we saw their car and insisted that they had to be at a different house but there they were when she invited us in.  They stayed a few minutes for the first part of our lesson on the Restoration and taught with us and then they left.  It was a neat lesson though, 4 missionaries for one investigator! 
    Our investigator family came to church yesterday!  We were so happy to see them because we didn't get to teach a lesson to them this week.  The majority of the  testimonies born were specifically on a few concerns that our investigator family had!  It just showed me how Heavenly Father truly does prompt members to bear their testimonies to help those in need.  He truly does love all of His children and wants to help them.  It was so powerful.  I am so excited for them!  God answers prayers :)
     I love you all this church is so true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!