Wednesday, December 25, 2013

December 23rd, 2013

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a wonderful time of year to spread the joy of the gospel!   Christ is truly the light and life of the world and can bring peace to all those who diligently seek Him!  I am so grateful for the gift that He is to us this Christmas and for the opportunity to "declare glad tidings or great joy" even as the angels did at Christ's birth!  He is truly the reason for the season and can bring true joy to our lives!  We  are one baptism away from a goal for baptisms this year as a mission!  We are praying really hard for baptisms this week!! 
What a crazy week it has been!  On Monday our truck started acting really funny! I won't describe it just because of time but it was a blessing that we made it back to the Rayhorn's home before it wouldn't even start anymore.  We are so blessed to live with members!  I don't know how we would've taken care of the situation without them!  Well, they figured out the problem, it was a computer problem and now the truck is working great!  The truck is such a blessing for us and we are very grateful that it is working normally again!  I know the Lord is keeping us safe from the cold.  It has been warmer this week, in the 20's all week but still I have been so surprised that I haven't had any trouble at all staying warm.  The Lord is truly watching over us!
We have done a lot of caroling this week and are going again today at the hospital!  We went last week and I accompanied on the piano in the lobby.  I have had lots of chances to play the piano with our volunteering and service that we do and I love it!   I played at the Children's Museum as well!  I was a little concerned that I wouldn't play well at the hospital because I don't get to practice that often but I seemed to play better than I normally do and was able to sight read all the songs I was asked to play just fine.

Something really neat happened last night.  After dinner with the bishop, Sister Brandley and I decided to go visit a former investigators home who had stopped investigating because they talked to a preacher from another church about it.  We had stopped by before but she was never home.  When we got there, she opened the door for us before we even knocked and after we started talking with her she said she had something to show us.  She brought out a really old tattered looking Book of Mormon.  She opened the front cover and asked us to read it.  It was given to her great grandmother named, Alma, by some mormon missionaries in 1919!!!  She thought it was a great treasure and we talked about Jesus Christ's love for us.  We have a return appointment with her next week!!!  Well, I have to go now,  The church is sooooooooooooooooooooo  gloriously true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!