Friday, February 21, 2014

February 17, 2014

This week was zone conference and we went on exchanges with the sister training leaders.  I love zone conference!  This time it was all about prayer and the power of prayer. I have seen so much the power of prayer! 
I don't have much time so I will just tell you a few stories from this week.
Yesterday, we were at the college campus trying to contact a few less active members.  We knocked on one of the doors and nobody answered so we were going to leave when the thought came that they use both of the rooms next door to each other.  I suggested that we try the door just to the left.  We did and one of the roommates answered the door.  The less active we were trying to contact was not there but we talked to Molly, the roommate, about the Book of Mormon and invited to her to pray using the restoration pamphlet.  We thought that she wasn't going to or say maybe next time but she agreed and prayed.  The spirit was so strong.  We have an appointment with her again next week and I am so excited! 
Also,  we were out trying to contact another less active.  We knocked on her door and she wasn't home.  Instead of leaving, my companion suggested that we shovel her porch.  We did and as soon as we finished she pulled into the driveway.  We were finally able to meet her and her daughter!!  The Spirit definitely directs this work!  We also found another new investigator when we were tracting and starting talking to a girl who was out playing with her dog.  Missionary work is the best!  It truly is the Lord's work!  Have a great week, I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014

What a week!  I am seeing more and more how much Heavenly Father's hand is in this work!  This week we had a lot of referrals to contact!  On Tuesday we went to go contact one of the referrals a member gave us and are still unsure if it was the correct person, haha. It was alright anyway though because  the person we did contact was going through a hard time and we were able to pray with them.  It was an old man and he kept telling us that he reads the Book of Mormon everyday but we think he was confused because he thought the book of Corinthians was in the Book of Mormon,haha.  Anyway, we will try to go back and teach him and his wife more.
On Wednesday we went out a ways to go visit some of the people that live in a town further away.  We got lost to our first appointment but they were very patient with us. :)  We also had a feeling to go visit a member of the ward out there that is getting surgery next week.  We visited Sister McComber and found out that Ann, who we thought had moved to Taiwan a month ago, was still around.  We went to visit Ann and turns out that she really needed the visit that day and wasn't leaving for Taiwan until later this month. 
Also, the Young Women had their New Beginnings night and two of our investigators went!!!!!!!!  If was wonderful!  We met with Kara a few days later and she had started working on personal progress, the Faith value experiences, the very next day! 
We also did a lot of tracting this week and have a kind of funny story.  Before we were about to go tracting I needed to change my shoes so we parked by the side of the road and I tried to get my boots on in the truck.  Well, I was really struggling to get them on with all of my layers of socks, so I hopped out of the truck to continue the struggle.  My companion on the other hand was really getting a kick out of the comical scene I was making.  Well, eventually I got my boots on and we went out tracting.  When we finished the streets we had decided to do we headed back to the truck and realized we had not tried the house we were parked by so we knocked on the door.  An elderly woman opened the door and asked sympathetically if I was alright.  She thought that I had been throwing up on the side of the road outside of the truck when I was actually just bending over trying to put my boots on!  Sister Ostler and I had to try really hard not to laugh when she said that!  We managed to hold it in until after we left her house.
We didn't find any new investigators but we found a few potentials.  One of them was named Sarah! She invited us right in and we taught the restoration and she said we could come back!  She didn't really know her schedule though so we didn't get a return appointment but she did give us her contact information.  We hope to see her again soon! 
The church is so terrifically true!  I hope you all have a very HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Love you all!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February 3, 2014

We are braving the cold up here this week! So much has happened!
This week was transfers so on Tuesday we drove all the way down to Fond du Lac, Wisconsin to pick up my new companion, Sister Ostler, and drop off Sister Brandley. It was a fast goodbye but a hard leave for Sister Brandley. I ended up being in the car for 9 hours that day because the zone leaders wanted us to make the trip there and back up to Marquette in one day! It was long but it gave Sister Ostler and I plenty of time to get to know eachother!
I love Sister Ostler, she is wonderful and a very hard worker! She has been out for 4 1/2 months, so we are pretty close in mission age and she is from Ephraim, Utah! She went to Snow College and one semester at BYU before coming out. Some of the things I wanted to improve in are things that she is really good at so she is helping me so much! It just goes to show Heavenly Father helps us with our righteous desires, sometimes through giving you a companion that has those strengths. :)
On Wednesday, we introduced her to the ward council. We were so blessed! It seemed like Heavenly Father just placed the people we needed to see in our path just at the right times! When we went to go see the Relief Society president, Sister Compton, the elders quorum president was stopping by to get eggs from them, and the President Johnson, from the stake presidency was also there! Later that day we were looking through the GPS for a potential we could stop by in between things and we felt like we should go see Emily. (I had met her once when we were volunteering at the museum and she said we could stop by sometime.) She invited us in and we found out that she was having a very bad day and had prayed earlier. She had two little kids and one of them really wanted to show us a music game that they had learned in the music class that day. They got out a bunch of little instruments, drums, spoons, etc., and played a rhythm game. I mentioned that I played the piano. She actually had a piano (which rarely happens here) and asked if I would play her a song. I played her Waterfall and she thanked me and said that was the best thing she had happen all day. We shared a scripture with her and tried to set a return appointment. She said her schedule is really busy right now but that we could call her and set something up.
We had a surprise at church this week. After Relief Society I saw Mr. Jim in the hallway! Mr. Jim is someone that works at the museum we volunteer at. He was there for a scouting meeting. I was still really excited to just to see him there, even if it wasn't to come to church.
Well, I am out of time. I know that the gospel is true and brings so much happiness to our lives! I have enjoyed so much the opportunities to share the hope of the gospel with others! I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The church is superbly true!