Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014

What a week!  I am seeing more and more how much Heavenly Father's hand is in this work!  This week we had a lot of referrals to contact!  On Tuesday we went to go contact one of the referrals a member gave us and are still unsure if it was the correct person, haha. It was alright anyway though because  the person we did contact was going through a hard time and we were able to pray with them.  It was an old man and he kept telling us that he reads the Book of Mormon everyday but we think he was confused because he thought the book of Corinthians was in the Book of Mormon,haha.  Anyway, we will try to go back and teach him and his wife more.
On Wednesday we went out a ways to go visit some of the people that live in a town further away.  We got lost to our first appointment but they were very patient with us. :)  We also had a feeling to go visit a member of the ward out there that is getting surgery next week.  We visited Sister McComber and found out that Ann, who we thought had moved to Taiwan a month ago, was still around.  We went to visit Ann and turns out that she really needed the visit that day and wasn't leaving for Taiwan until later this month. 
Also, the Young Women had their New Beginnings night and two of our investigators went!!!!!!!!  If was wonderful!  We met with Kara a few days later and she had started working on personal progress, the Faith value experiences, the very next day! 
We also did a lot of tracting this week and have a kind of funny story.  Before we were about to go tracting I needed to change my shoes so we parked by the side of the road and I tried to get my boots on in the truck.  Well, I was really struggling to get them on with all of my layers of socks, so I hopped out of the truck to continue the struggle.  My companion on the other hand was really getting a kick out of the comical scene I was making.  Well, eventually I got my boots on and we went out tracting.  When we finished the streets we had decided to do we headed back to the truck and realized we had not tried the house we were parked by so we knocked on the door.  An elderly woman opened the door and asked sympathetically if I was alright.  She thought that I had been throwing up on the side of the road outside of the truck when I was actually just bending over trying to put my boots on!  Sister Ostler and I had to try really hard not to laugh when she said that!  We managed to hold it in until after we left her house.
We didn't find any new investigators but we found a few potentials.  One of them was named Sarah! She invited us right in and we taught the restoration and she said we could come back!  She didn't really know her schedule though so we didn't get a return appointment but she did give us her contact information.  We hope to see her again soon! 
The church is so terrifically true!  I hope you all have a very HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Love you all!!!!!!!!!!