Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30, 2013

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas!!!  This week was truly amazing!  The Lord is working so many miracles among us!!!!  After much prayer our mission reached 300 baptisms, our goal for this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We have great reason to rejoice and give thanks to the Lord for all those that have been touched by this glorious gospel!  This week was wonderful! 
On Monday we went caroling again at the hospital with a group of ward members and a potential investigator.  Sister Brandley and I took turns playing the piano and singing, which we both enjoyed a lot!!  I also tried my first brat and pasty this week.  They were delicious!
Christmas was wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  After volunteering at a community dinner for Christmas and meeting a potential investigator there, we went to dinner at an investigator's house.  It was a little gift to Sister Brandley and I that two of our other investigators also dropped by why we were there!  We were able to share a message with them and here about an experience one of them had with prayer.  The family we have been working with took a little road trip.  Unfortunately, their heater was not working and they all were really cold and sick.  They decided to say a prayer.  The heater still blew out cold air but they could feel warm air in the car surrounding them.  It is amazing to see their faith growing.  We had a lesson on the sacrament and the importance of church attendance.  They have not been at church for several weeks now because they have car troubles and there aren't very many members where they live that can take their whole family.   We arranged a ride for them with a member.  On Sunday morning the weather was bad and so the member let us know that she wasn't coming to church.  The family had expressed in our lesson their desire to come to church because the difference they saw it had on their week.  I was praying for them in my heart and about a quarter of the way into Sacrament meeting they walked in!!!  I'm so grateful that they were able to make it safely there!  They are starting to progress again! 
Also, I had the opportunity to play the organ in Sacrament meeting!  To my great relief, it went well :)
I'm grateful that I learned to play and that I was able to help out the ward here. 
I'm still staying warm and so grateful for all of our many blessings!!!!  The Savior's love is manifest to us in so many ways!  I hope you have a wonderful New Year's day!!!!!!!!!! Stay warm! ;)

Love you all so much!