Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013

Greetings from the north.  The weather is certainly exciting here.  The beginning of this week it not only snowed but rained a lot too. This was not your usual rain, this was winter rain.  I don't know how that happened because it was below 32 degrees but it did and it created very thick ice on the streets.  I learned that it is easier just to slide everywhere than try to walk carefully on the ice, haha.  Because of this increase in ice on the streets a lot of our plans changed because things were cancelled like piano lessons, mutual, school, etc.  It has been a good week anyway though.  Many of our investigators are very sick though and have not been able to meet with us this week.  We visited three in the hospital this week, that all had heart problems, heart attack, or fluid around the heart.  They seemed to be improving quickly though.
On Monday we had a family night lesson with one of the families we are teaching.  We taught them about faith and the mom made "elephant ears" for family night treat.  The mom is continuing to read and seems really excited about baptism, yay!  She told us how she had talked to an old friend on facebook and found out that they too had converted to the church! 
We also met with our Chinese friends Shuang and Ming this week.  Ming is about 70 and doesn't know English very well but loves to try and read it with us and practice on us.  He wants us to teach him English.   Shuang is his daughter and knows English very well so she helps a lot.  They are leaving for China this week and sadly Ming will be staying.  Shuang will be coming back next month though.  They are both super excited to go back to see their family and eat their favorite Chinese foods.  Shuang cooked us really good potstickers again and we brought hot chocolate for her to try!  She said it was very sweet :) but it was a good winter treat to warm you up.    Anyway, they were both really sweet to us and asked if we would go teach in China, haha.  We explained to them that we were called to this mission so we could only teach in Wisconsin or Michigan where we were assigned.  Ming really wanted us to go to China and said we need to come and visit sometime :)  Sister Brandley and I will really miss them.  They truly prize the freedom to believe in Jesus Christ and choose their faith. 
Also, we had to take our truck in to the dealership this week because it was having some problems.  We hadn't had dinner yet so we took the shuttle to Culver's while it was getting fixed.  The shuttle driver was really nice and asked about what we were doing here as missionaries.  Well, we told her!  She said she was open to learning more so we gave her our number.  I hope she calls us because she left before we got her number.
Well, the biggest part of this week was....................
BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The Elders that we share this area with baptized Joe, who is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!  The faith and conviction that the young new converts in this ward have inspires me!  They are going through so much but they have so much faith.  May you all have a wonderful week!  I love you all! The church is superbly true!
-Sister Prestwich