Thursday, March 5, 2015

March 2, 2015

It has definitely been cold on the hands and toes lately but today has been 27 and it feels like spring, haha! 
It has been a very different week.  On Tuesday we had a lesson with Holly about the sacrament.  She is really amazing!  She says it just makes sense to her and she did occasionally take the sacrament in her other church but never understood why they did it.  She came to church again this week! 
The member family we ran into last week came to church this week!  That was definitely not a coincidence!  I don't know if I told you the story last week but we were going to contact a referral that we haven't been able to get in contact yet and their next door neighbor was outside.  We talked to her and she is a member from Alabama but hadn't found the church here yet.  And we contacted the referral :)  We also had another referral for a woman who was southern baptist.  Her name was Vysella.  That was a very interesting lesson.  She sang us a couple songs, and had such a sweet heart but couldn't really hear us very well.  She loved to sing though!
Anyway, this week was zone conference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yay!!!!!!!!!!!   I was asked to accompany the musical number and what a wonderful experience that was!  Wow!  That song was so powerful and beautiful.  We were going to do "I know that my Redeemer LIves"  but ended up doing a song called "Come ye Disconsolate."  This was my last zone conference so I was asked to bear my testimony.  I had a lot of mixed emotions.  I was very grateful that not only was I able to stand and bear my testimony but I was able to bear my testimony through music.  A couple that had joined the church this last year came and bore their testimonies.  They were so grateful for the missionaries that came and taught them and persisted.  The husband said at first he had no intention of coming back to church but he is so glad that he came and taught his wife and then he was able to realize that he needed support her in this.  He knew that "this wasn't just about him."  He thought he was letting her choose for herself by not coming to church with her until she told him that it was really hard to be an active investigator married to an inactive member. 
Saturday we had the opportunity to serve a family that had lost a mother to cancer.  Their was 10 kids and their friend Mandy, who is not a member of our church told us and the relief society president about them.  We went over and helped clean the house and clear some boxes.  They were so grateful!  I'm really seeing the importance of serving others. 
My companion's name is Sister Calderon, from Midland Texas!  She is a fantastic cook and has been trying to teach me a little, haha.  She is a wonderful companion!
I know that this gospel is true with all of my heart!  Joseph Smith is a true prophet, and the prophet of the restoration. 
I love you all!

The church is prophetically true!