Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March 16, 2015

We had a great week!  It was a big week with a lot of travelling and we will be doing more of that this week because Saturday is our mission conference in Milwaukee!  Elder Perry will be speaking to us!!!!!!!!!!  Yay! Also, we are supposed to tell people don't send letters next week because it is transfers and the address might change.  I probably won't get transferred though.  
So we went to Oshkosh on Tuesday for zone training and had an appointment with Holly at the Pond's house.  Holly is so amazing!  She truly wants to know for herself if these things are true and she is willing to act on it.  She loves the Pond family and is such a sweet girl!  We taught her about prophets and Sister Pond bore her testimony of our prophets, apostles today!  We talked to her about General Conference.  She is going to watch it with the Pond family!  I know that Thomas S.  Monson is a true prophet of God and can't wait for conference!  

We also had 3-6 week training at Oshkosh on Friday.  We had a training from Pres. Cutler about the doctrine of Christ and especially about faith.  It was very interesting.  He talked about different levels of faith that we have and that our investigators have.  He drew a scale that went from hope to perfect faith and said what matters on this scale is which direction we are going on our faith scale.  We want to always be increasing our faith.  I have been doing a Christlike attribute study of the Book of Mormon studying the attribute charity and marking anything in the Book of Mormon that might have to do with the pure love of Christ.  And I have been realizing how one of the most important things I can be doing as a companion is to have charity.  My companion got a little infection on her hand so this week I will have many opportunities to help her.  

This weekend was great!  Met a lot of new people!  Saturday before lunch we were really hungry but decided before we go eat that we would stay out and find one more person to talk to.  We did!  We met Tim.  We walked past his house right as he was pulling up into the driveway and share a message about the Book of Mormon with him.  He said he would read it.  

Another neat highlight was hmong family home evening last night with a group of hmong members from the branch!  They are so amazing!  It was fun to hear it in a different language.  You don't understand what they are saying but you still feel the Spirit.  We were able to comment as well and they translated for us.  

We reallly focused on working with the members this week!  We are doing great at that!  We had many appointments this week where our members are coming with us to visit less active members of the ward and little miracles are happening!
Ari and Adam are showing a lot more progression lately.  We talked to them about Ari's baptismal date and about coming to church.  They said they had talked about it as well and want to figure out a way they can come to church.  They have been reading the Book of Mormon together though. 

Last night we had dinner at Marsha's and Adam and Ari came as well as Marsha's little neighbor Jamie.  Jamie is 8 or 9 and loves coming to our lessons!  Jamie has been reading the Book of Mormon with Marsha and I think was a really good example to Ari and Adam.  If a little girl can do it, love it, and understand it; then they can too!  
This week was ward conference and the ward temple trip!  Marsha went for the first time to do baptisms for the dead.  She took 9 family names!  Her daughter said if she hadn't gotten baptized there would have been no way they would have been able to get permission to do it.  One of those 9 names was her husband!  The gospel is for families!  Two convert families of the ward were sealed in the temple yesterday!  It was a really big day for the ward.  56 members of our ward were at the temple!  The Bishop spoke about social networking and about technology and related to a parable about turf. Remind me about it next week because I need to tell you about this parable!  

I got my travel itinerary in the mail this week.  I will be arriving May 7th and will write you about the details!  I can't believe it has gone by so fast!  

I love you!  Remember to stand tall and be a light to all those around you!  They need what we have :) 

The church is illuminatingly true!

Sister Prestwich