Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March 9, 2015

Well, first and foremost, it hit 50 degrees today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wahoo!!!!!!!!!!!  :D  It was just like summer!  It is the first time I have felt hot in a long time, haha!  It has been very enjoyable and warmer temperatures means there is more people outside to talk to!  Yay!  So that has been really fun for us!  
We met with a former investigator this week named Sally.  She said she loved learning about our church before from the other missionaries she just had to stop because of her surgeries she had to have on her back.  When she would meet with the missionaries she wouldn't be able to think clearly so she just stopped.  She loves the Book of Mormon and says that it has helped her to understand the BIble better.  She said that at one point in her life she questioned, "Does God really exist?"  because of a baby that had passed away in her family.  She had gotten an answer yes and from that experience knows that God does exist.  She told us that she never really felt a huge need to go to church because she could worship God anywhere.  We started talking to her about the sacrament.  It was really neat because as we taught her about the importance of the sacrament she had a change of heart and told us that she needs to go church because she wasn't taking the body and the blood of Christ.  She couldn't go this week but is planning on coming next week.  We are excited to meet with her again. :)
We also met with Ana, and gave her a Book of Mormon in Romanian!  She was super excited.  I guess she was getting teased at work for reading the Book of Mormon and said now I can read it anywhere and I won't get teased.  It kind of reminded me of how in Lehi's vision of the tree of life there was peer pressure from the people in the great and spacious building but it we hold fast to the word of God we will be led safely to the tree of life!  
We found out that Elder Perry will be coming to speak to us on March 21st and we are all preparing by doing that 40 day fast I told you about.  I am very excited!  
We had a really neat lesson at a dinner appointment with a member this week.  Sister Clayton is a convert of a couple of years.  At district meeting we were committed to teach members about the Atonement of Jesus Christ in our lesson with them this week.  We decided to do this with Sister Clayton by reading "the Living Christ"  with her.  She is from Korea and has been attending the temple very diligently and trying to read church materials and just filling her life with good things but has been going through a lot of trials.  As we read it about the part where it quotes Joseph Smith's testimony of the Savior "He lives!"  she began to cry softly.  We all sat silently for a moment and then finished.  After, she said I have never felt that much love for the Savior before.  She said it was even greater than the love she has for her family and she had never felt that before.  It was an amazing moment and something that really stood out to me was after that experience she naturally went in to talk about sharing the gospel with others.  Feeling love for Jesus Christ and and His love for us through the Atonement motivate us to share the gospel more than anything else.  That quote in PMG on page 2 about how as we increase our understanding of the atonement and that will increase our desire to share the gospel, I think it says "as your understanding of the Atonement of Jesus Christ increases your desire to share the gospel will increase"  or something like that.  I know that is true and have seen that in myself and others like Sister Clayton.  
Also, a funny thing yesterday, Sister Calderon was having a hard time talking to people.  As a new missionary it can be scary to go up and talk to people on the street.  She said, "I wish people would just come up to us and say 'hey sisters!"  Fast forward about an hour.  We are outside getting out of our car and a lady is walking our way.  I told Sister Calderon this was her chance to overcome her fear.  Just then, the lady yelled out, "hey sisters!"  and began waving at us enthusiastically!  She had been to Marsha's baptism in the summer and had met sister before! It was funny and we both agreed that Heaven Father has a sense of humor and wanted to give SIster Calderon what she wanted!  We are really trying to have at least 1 of our investigators to progress towards a baptismal date!  Thanks for all the prayers!

Well, the church is outstandingly true!  Love you!