Tuesday, November 4, 2014

November 3, 2014

What an awesome and super exciting week it has been!  We had a lot of disappointments, like cancelled appointments with a lot of our investigators but, no worries, the good always outweighs the bad! 
We had Zone Conference this week and I accompanied a musical number!  I am just so grateful that I was able to do that!  Another sister in our District, Sister Woods, plays the cello, and I had given her the music a while back for that arrangement of "A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief" that Aunt Janet helped write.  Well, the zone leaders asked if anyone would like to do the musical number for zone conference and Sister Woods, turned us in.  We actually ended up doing a different arrangement of the song that she had though.  It was so beautiful!!!  I just love accompanying!  Sister Woods is a very talented musician too!  It really brought the Spirit!  What was really neat, was that the last training/talk before the musical number was a very powerful talk about Joseph Smith.  During that talk it hit me that when we decided to do that song we had no idea what the topic of the training would be.  It went perfectly!  I"m so grateful for the atonement and for how much the Book of Mormon teaches us about the nature of Jesus Christ and how we can apply the atonement of Jesus Christ in our lives.  That was one of the things they talked about as well.  Bro. Pountain was the one that talked about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.  He showed us one of the original copies of the Book of Mormon that he had and face sculpture thing of Joseph Smith.  Then he showed us where the bible prophesies of Joseph Smith.  I took some pictures to show you some of these things.  He also told his conversion story and how a 50 cent copy of the Book of Mormon he got at a garage sale was far more precious to him than the $83,000 copy he had in his hand because of the other one was how he first came to know it was true.  Once he had felt that the Book of Mormon was true it took him a long time to find the church.  He called the church building number everyday from Monday to Friday for months before finally a relief society sister answered during one of their enrichment nights.  Then months later to finally meet missionaries.  It was quite the story!  Anyway it was a very special zone conference, one I will never forget.
We have an appointment with someone new. Her name is Nicky and we helped her move in to her new house  Saturday.  Her mom happened to be the friendly cashier lady at the grocery store we shop at each week.  We set a return appointment to help her with a few more things and to find out if she is interested in learning more about our church.  I think she is :) 
Then our other new investigator is Cora.  She comes from a less active family we have been working with for a few weeks.  We talked to them this week about if Cora would like to be baptized.  Cora seems very interested and Sister Zedan as well.  Bro. Zedan wasn't there so we don't know what his feelings are yet.  Cora is awesome though!  We are planning on starting to teach her next week!

Okay, now for the little surprise we had on Sunday...On Sunday, our stake president came and guess what?!!!
*drum roll*

Fond du Lac branch was officially made a WARD
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D

Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We could hardly contain our excitement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Sister Cosgrove and I actually found out right before they announced it.  When they made the announcement the reaction in the congregation reminded me a little of when the age change was made in General Conference.  It was so wonderful!  The whole branch was just flowing with gratitude!  All of the branch presidents that had served there were present that day too!  So now Pres. Heap is now Bishop Heap.  Not much is that difference but I think this will really motivate the members to get involved more with the missionary work too!  We have a lot of work to do!  I just feel so very grateful that I was able to be here to see Fond du Lac become a ward.  I never thought that would happen while I was here.  I know this church is true with all of my heart.  We had a really neat experience with Bonnie that really touched my heart.  For one it has been so wonderful to see her testimony grow as we teach her the new member lessons.  On Wed. we taught her about temples and eternal families and she told us that she feels a strong desire to go to the temple and do the work for her grandparents.  I love seeing her grow!  She bore her testimony to us on Sunday and told us that she was going to do it in church but she didn't think there was time left.  The Lord has truly been preparing her to receive the gospel her whole life and she recognizes this.  Bonnie is one of the most grateful individuals I have ever met!  She is so christlike and humble!  Well, it has been such a wonderful week. The work continues to move forward!  Well, I have to get going now.  The church is growingly true!