Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November 10, 2014

It is definitely starting to get a little more chilly here and I am getting out the winter coat again!  We are expecting a storm here but it hasn't hit yet.

We were able to get in with all of our recent converts and with most of the home teachers with us as well, which has been one of our goals.  They really do make a big difference!  Having member present lessons with recent converts and less actives is really important too!  One of Angel's home teachers, Kordel, gave his farewell talk in sacrament meeting yesterday and is leaving to Ghana on Wednesday!  He gave a really good talk and played a musical number with Sister Cropper that made me really happy.  I know the ward here is going to be so blessed for all the missionaries serving.  They haven't had missionaries out for over 5 years and now they will have 3 out! 

We met with Donna this week and she has been reading in the Book of Mormon!  Yay!  She has a lot of questions, mostly about what different words mean.  She has a really hard time understanding it so pray for her.  We are trying to teach very simply to her.  We got back in with Priscilla this week, which was such a tender mercy.

Well, sorry this one is short but I don't have much time today!  Last night we got 3 new investigators by calling people we didn't know on our phone! That was great!  Love you and hope you all have an awesome week!

The church is exceedingly true!