Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014

Well, it is certainly getting chilly here!  There was a storm like last week or the beginning of this week that just missed us but we still got some snow and the temperature is dropping.  Funny enough, even though I'm not excited for the cold, the first snow is always really exciting!  It was fun, not fun to drive in though.  And it makes everything look really beautiful. 
It's transfers this week, and I'm getting transferred to Sheboygan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It has been a great 3 transfers with Sister Cosgrove and I am going to miss her a lot and all of the wonderful people here that I've been blessed to be able to work with!  I am staying in the same zone though so I will still get to see her!  My trainer, Sister Brandley, was the one that opened Sheboygan after she trained me, and I've heard that it has really picked up there!  My companion is going to be Sister Osmond.  I have already met her and she is super nice! 
It was definitely a good last week in Fond du Lac.  We met with Nicky, a referral from our bishop.  She needed help moving so we moved her in and unpacked her kitchen for her.  This week we went back and asked her if she was interested in learning more about our church.  She said yes!!!!!!  Not only did she say yes but she also said that she didn't have a church to go to and was looking for one!!!  She is so awesome!!!!!!!!!  I'm glad I can stay in contact with Sister Cosgrove to find out what happens from there. 
We also had another member give us another referral, a girl, he wanted us to go to lunch with.  So we called her and set up the appointment.  We also asked her if she would like to learn more and she also said yes!!!  It was so exciting! 
We had the ward talent show this week!!!  Angel and her whole family, who are not members, came!!!!!!  That was a huge step for them!  Sister Cosgrove and I taught the restoration through singing and building the restoration tower while doing the cup song.  We have been singing it as our opening song in companionship study for a while now.  We actually got it down pretty fast.  It was so fun!  We have been using it to teach the restoration.  It is fun and entertaining and helps people to feel the spirit!  :D  It was so fun and we didn't mess up, haha.
We performed it in our lesson to Cora this week too.  It was such an awesome lesson!  The whole family came in and absolutely loved it!  At the end they begged us to do it again!  The 2 year old was clapping so fast and so hard, you could barely see her hands.  There was a very special spirit about the whole family being gathered around in harmony with each other all focussed on the lesson, and talking about Jesus Christ.  The dad, has never came in for any of our lesson but he came in and I know that he noticed what that did for his family. He said that to us, and even offered to say the closing prayer.  What a miracle!  I hope he continues to see how it brings his family together.
Everyone was so nice to me this weekend!  They found out I was getting transferred and one of the families that we ate with, the Whittun family, made me a cake that said on it "we will miss you Sister Prestwich."  It was so sweet!!!!  I just love all of the people here!

Well, gotta go!  love you!  The church is superly true!