Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014

Wow, what a week!  We have been truly blessed so so much!  I  am just blown away at the many doors or opportunities that have been opened to us just in the last couple of days!  It really has been so amazing!  I love the Sheboygan ward!  The people are wonderful and my companion is so so wonderful!  We are very similar in many ways!  

Some of the people we are working with are Nicole, Emily, Linda and Eric, and Arrianna.  We invited Nicole to be baptized on December 20th this week and she is really excited for baptism!  Her daughter is a recent convert and has a really cool conversion story that I was able to ask her about.  

We have been getting referrals right and left it seems!  We got one from the Oak Creek sisters, which happens to be one of my old companions, Sister Ormsby!  Also, in Fond du Lac, one of the members has a sister that lives in Sheboygan so we are looking forward to meeting her and the members are very open in sharing the with us the people they have been working with.  

We had a neat experience trying this new survey thing too, tracting this week.  As we learn how to use more and helps us know what people are searching for and what their needs are. While we were doing that we met a really sweet 90 year old lady raking her leaves.  We came up to her and asked if we could help her.  At first she said no but we persisted and were happy and she softened and let us help.  By the end she was so grateful and later called the number we left her.  She must have thought it was a number to our leaders because she left the sweetest voicemail!  Afterward we both agreed that doing service just "infuses our souls with light."  
well, I have to get going but Happy Thanksgiving!!!!  I am grateful so so much for all of you and to be on a mission!!!!!!!  The church is brilliantly true!