Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August 25, 2014

What a week!  We have been really excited and focusing on the counsel given to us from Elder Martino of the seventy last week and have been working hard with a lot of the less actives in the area and with Bonnie!  Bonnie is doing wonderful!  She is so optimistic and gave up coffee and tea this week when we taught her the word of wisdom.  She now offers us chocolate milk and cranberry juice instead :)  She still has a really hard time coming to church because of her health so continue to pray for her.  She has to come to church for the next couple weeks to make her baptismal date and she is so ready for it she just has to make it to church. 
We got the transfer text and my companion and I are both staying in Fond du Lac! :)  I'm excited for another transfer here!  We have a lot of great work to do.  Some things I was really excited about this week was a visit we had to a less active family named the Zedans. We had never met them before and felt like we should so we decided to stop by.  Sister Zedan answered the door and let us in.  She was a convert to the church and has a desire to come back to church but she just has a few things holding her back.  We are super excited to start working with her and her family!  We also had an awesome visit with Sister Zabinski who has a strong testimony of the gospel but was really hurt by a friend in the branch and is having a hard time overcoming that.  Sister Reigle and Sister Schrauth, two members of the branch came with us and it was such an inspired visit!  Lori, a former investigator also just happened to be there.  Sister Zabinski agreed to come to church the second week of September!  We are really trying to make this a combined effort, working with the branch council to find those that are ready to receive the gospel. 
We saw a lot of miracles this week!  One of the greatest ones I think was just seeing how the Lord has a way of turning people's hearts.

We were in crazy rain storm this week where it was "raining cats and dogs" so bad you couldn't see anything.  I'm so grateful for prayer and that we were protected through the storm!  The rain reminded me of a scripture I read today in Moses 7 about the truth going forth in a flood!  And it will if we keep diligently sharing it! :D
The church is awesomely true! Love you all!