Monday, September 8, 2014

Sept 2, 2014

What a fun week it has been!  There are so many things I want to say, hopefully I can remember everything, haha.  Well, last p-day it was the last week that one of the missionaries in our district would be here because they were going home so we did a district activity... we milked cows!  One of the members of our branch owns a dairy farm so we went to their farm, and had some fun adventures there.  We stuck our hands in the baby cows mouths, which was kind of gross because they were very slobbery and yes, I milked a cow.  I wasn't very good at it either, haha.  It was fun though.  Their son just got his mission call to Gona!  In fact, there are three people in our branch that got their mission calls.  Emily, who sometimes comes to lessons with us got her mission call to .....*drum roll*........Murray!!!!!  :D  Technically it is called the Salt Lake Central mission but its Murray. She leaves for the MTC on October 15th!  I'm so excited for her!  She will be a great missionary!  Perhaps I will be able to go out with her if she serves in our stake!  She came with us to lessons now perhaps someday I will be able to go with her to lessons, haha. 
Another fun thing we had this week was the branch missionary activity, which this month was a corn roast!  The girl we volunteer with at the hospital came as well!  It was exciting to be able to talk with her again and I was so impressed when a lot of the branch members came up to her and introduced themselves.  She didn't know anyone so she seemed a little bit nervous at first but I think she had fun! 
We had a really cool referral this week!  So a couple of our recent converts, Kelly and Kathy, were talking about the church with a girl named Mika.  Mika showed some interest so they referred her to us.  We went to meet her and  she wanted to come to church and learn more and she said she wanted all of her kids baptized!  Then we were even more surprised when her boyfriend told us that he was a member of our church and didn't know there was a church in Fond du Lac.   They didn't come to church but hopefully they are their for our appointment this Friday.  Also, we got a referral from one of our investigators, Jony.  Her friend just had a friend pass away and so she wants us to go with her to visit her.  So that was neat this week! 

We have been seeing Bonnie a lot and she is doing great!  On Saturday the elders had a baptism and so we invited Bonnie and she came!  And she also came to church as well on Sunday!   That has truly been a miracle!  We love her so much!  She is so positive and sweet!  Well, we are seeing little miracles every day here and I'm excited for another transfer in Fond du lac! It was also so exciting to hear about Karly's mission farewell!  I know that the Lord calls us to where we need to go and helps us to overcome any challenges that we may have.  Challenges are there to help us to learn and grow.  I've learned that Wisconsin is helping me face some of my fears, one being spiders.  Because of all of the mosquitoes there is a lot of spiders here!  Huge ones everywhere!  My companion and I stepped on 20 of them.  But I'm grateful that the Lord helps us have the strength and courage to do things that sometimes are scary, haha.  Well, love you all!  The church is courageously true! :D