Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sept 8, 2014

Well, I have a very exciting surprise this week!  Bonnie is getting baptized this week!  Yay! :D  We set her date for Friday because a lot of the branch is going to the temple on Saturday.  I can't believe all that she has done!  She has so much determination and faith.  We talked to her on Saturday and she said she had laid her clothes and everything out for church the next day. That really touched my heart.  Going to church on Sundays is not easy for her, but she has been putting forth the greatest effort to come anyway.  On Sunday morning she was late and came in during the prayer, looking completely lost.  We hadn't seen her yet but the lady who leads the music did and went over and helped her.  Bonnie said that meant a lot to her.  I love Bonnie!  She really is just surrounding herself with everything she can of the gospel.  We downloaded the gospel library app for her and she loves it!  She has already gotten two quads, and her own hymnbook too.  It just amazes me!  Her family doesn't really like anything to do with church but her daughter wants to come to her baptism!  We are so excited!  I hope everything goes well this week and she will be physically and spiritually able to do everything needs to! 

Also, we had a pretty neat surprise on Sunday.  Two former investigators in our area came to church!  One of them came with a friend for sacrament meeting and then left right after so we didn't really get to talk to her.  The other one I had never met before but ended up sitting right next to during sacrament meeting, haha.  That turned out good.  I introduced myself right after.  It was a part member couple.  Apparently, she had wanted to get baptized a long time ago but her husband wouldn't let her.  The husband said next week they are going to the Catholic church.  I really want to start working with them but the branch mission leader made an appointment with them and is taking the elders.  Either way I guess they will be seeing missionaries, which is awesome! :)

I love the Fond du Lac branch it is pretty great here!  We are doing a lot of finding right now but things are looking good.  The hardest part is trying to get back in with people after you meet them for the first time.  We are working on the follow up :)  We are doing missionary Mondays with the seminary class here and it is really fun!  They made plan of salvation t-shirts that had circles on it and said "you are here" on the one for earth one, then they see if anyone asks them what it is.

Well, hope you all have a wonderful week!  Love you! The church is greatly true!