Tuesday, August 12, 2014

August 1, 2014

So earlier this week we met with Donna.  We usually have our lessons with Donna at a member's house that lives next door to her.  We were a little concerned about having Donna's parents open to her being taught by the missionaries.  Donna always avoids it when we talk about meeting at her house.  So my brilliant companion had the idea to ask if we could go over and see her dog.  Ofcourse Donna said yes!  Everyone loves their pets here!  We got it and were able to meet her dad as well!  That was awesome! 
Also, that day we had a great district meeting and talked about baptismal invites and baptismal dates.  We have been working really hard with our investigators to have a baptismal date.  We have one right now.  But we have definitely seen how important baptismal dates are.  After that we were walking to our car and we saw a man out in his yard.  We starting talking to him about the Book of Mormon.  He had a lot of questions and accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon and we gave him a passage to read.  He was really neat and seemed sincerely interested.  I hope we hear from him again. 
I don't have time to tell all that happened this week but one of my favorite nights was having dinner with the Valdez family!  The Valdez family is a part member family that the elders are teaching but they only speak Spanish.  All of the elders investigators speak spanish and they don't so a member has to come and translate.  It was the same with our dinner appointment with them.  They fed us, and fed us, and fed us!!!!!!!!  Spaghetti with sour cream and cheese, and tortillas, chicken, hot, hot salsa, etc.  It was really good!  I was really touched by the sincerity and kindness of these people!  I  don' think I can describe to you the spirit that was felt when hey told about their experiences and love and dedication to certain aspects of the gospel.  They are coming to church now even though they don't understand the language.  It is hard but I admire their faith so much!  They would give anything for those around them!
We had a chapel tour with Corey, and to make a long sad story short.  He says that he can't accept  that we don't believe in the trinity, so he is not investigating anymore.  It broke our hearts but I believe that if he continues to read the Book of Mormon that he will be able to someday have a change of heart and have the desire to be baptized again.  It planted a seed.
Bonnie is awesome! But has a hard time coming to church.  I will have to send you a fun picture of her and Donna next week.  Kelly, our recent convert is doing great!  It makes me so happy to see the light in her continue to grow!  She shared a beautiful testimony of service at church in class. 

 The church is continually true!