Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August 18, 2014

What an awesome week!  And I'm even more excited for this next week! On Wednesday we had mission tour where Elder Martino of the seventy and his wife came and spoke to us and it is just what we needed!  It really motivated us and opened our eyes to somethings that we need to be doing more in our missionary work and our finding efforts.  There was a powerful spirit there and I'm so grateful for the blessing it was to be there an receive more guidance for our area.  A sister that just got home from her mission but who hadn't gotten set apart also came and spoke to us and told us that in her mission they had one set of missionaries for just teaching less actives and another set of missionaries for teaching investigators in an area because there was so many less actives and  she said that the missionaries that baptized the most were always the ones working with the less actives!  I thought that was very interesting but I can understand why it is that way.  It stuck out to me that the some of the greatest missionary work that is done is within families.  That we want to help join families together so that they can be together forever.
 Which reminds me, I was able to hear from Sister Ostler this week and John Sowa, Treasa's husband got baptized up in Marquette this week!!!!!!  What joy it is to see what a missionary Treasa is for her family!  She knows it is true and just desires to share it with all of her loved ones!  After John's baptism, Sister Ostler told me that he told his sister that she is next, haha.  Their family is truly being blessed by the gospel! 
Anyway, Elder Martino told the story of Alma and Amulek and how Amulek became a powerful missionary and asked us to focus on bringing the right members with us as we help our ward or branch with the part member families etc.  He also showed us a better way to ask for referrals.  It was so good to see Sister Brandley and Ostler there too!!!!!!!!  I will have to send you pictures soon but I forgot my camera today. 
Also, we saw a lot of wonderful miracles with Bonnie!  We set a baptismal date with Bonnie this week for September 20th!  She has such a sincere desire and also she came to church this week for the first time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She is the sweetest lady and 84 years old so it was always hard because she would say, I want to but I can't.  I'm grateful that she was blessed to be able to come this week and that she enjoyed it and was able to stay for all 3 hours.  The chapel tour helped a lot.  We also finally got in with Jony this week and a part member family, the Brotzmans.
Well, love you all!  The church is eternally true!