Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014

Happy April and General Conference!
What a great week!  I'm so gratefully for the words of modern prophets and apostles on the earth today!  It is truly something special!   Treasa is progressing so much!  We called her this week and had a phone lesson with her and she told us they drove down to downstate Michigan to pick their car and that gave her plenty of time to read the Book of Mormon!  Yes!  Also, she watched General Conference at one of the Maynard's home.  We planned a time to brave another trip to Munising this week so we can have another lesson with her in her home.  We are praying we'll be able to make it work with miles this month! 
Also, we had a lesson with the Stocker family this week on the plan of salvation.  The little girls love the diagram of the plan of salvation I have and love trying to put it the right order without any help, haha.  It went really well, and was a lot of fun too!  Sister Ostler and I are teaching family night lessons tonight as well to two part member families and I am super excited! 
We had an interesting experience on Saturday evening after General Conference.  So the bishop is just opening the only frozen yogurt shop in Marquette and had an open house for friends and family.  So we were able to talk to some people there and get frozen yogurt. :)  After that we just couldn't find anyone that was home!  We were just praying for one more person we could talk to and pray with.  We saw a man shoveling and felt impressed to stop and help him.  The roads are really cramped in Marquette so we had to park a ways up and walk down to where he was.  By the time we got there it looked like he had finished and he was sitting in his van.  We went up to the van and asked him if he needed any more help.  He told us that he had broken his back and had surgery on it and may have sprained it and just said that the snow was really heavy.  He said that he had gotten his 17 year old son to help him but that it is hard to get him to help out.  We told him that we were missionaries and that we would love to help him.  We gave him a pass-along card of the temple with our number on it and prayed with him.  I love seeing the change and the peace in people's faces after you pray for them!  After that we hadn't had dinner yet and so we decided to celebrate conference by getting pizza, haha.  I think we were supposed to be there because a man walking out of the pizza place stopped and said, "hey are you Mormon missionaries?"  Then he told us he used to meet with the elders and told us to tell them he says hi.  We got his name and will have to tell the elders to stop by.

I loved General Conference!!!!!!!!  We watched the morning session with a potential elder and his wife Lori.  They are wonderful!  Then we watched the afternoon session all by ourselves in the chapel.  That was different, haha.  Even more different was watching the last session of conference all alone in the chapel with one of our investigators!  Olive, the elderly lady we have been teaching came with us to watch conference and we were the only ones watching it in chapel.  I think Olive was very surprised, haha.  Thankfully there was some other sisters from the ward there too, watching it in the relief society room.  She was able to talk with them a little bit. She thought the talks were good but said that it was too long and too much to take in all at once.  We told her that they will be online and printed out in a magazine so we can study them more.  She liked that. I love how perfect the Lord's timing is!  I know that, that session was the one that Olive needed to be at with us.  I can't wait to start studying the talks.  I really enjoyed Elder Ballard's talk on the importance of following up.  It is so true in missionary work and definitely a reminder I needed! 
 Well, I love you all!