Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 28, 2014

Well, I officially spent my first week serving in the state of Wisconsin!!!  It has truly been a great week and I feel so grateful for how the Lord has blessed me so much with amazing companions!  My new companion, Sister Ormsby, is a stellar sister missionary and such a good strength and support as a companion.  She is 19 yrs. old and just finished 12 weeks as a new missionary.  She's from Brigham City but went to Snow College for one semester before coming out on her mission.  With my last companion I was a little worried about being adjusting to a new companion but I really don't have any worries anymore.  I love her just like my other companion! It was a little hard this week not knowing the area or the people but I know the Lord strengthened us both.  I am now the designated driver, which has been quite the adventure since I don't know the area.  Thankfully, the sister before left her GPS for us to use and Sister Ormsby has been a great help with directions.  Fond du Lac is pretty small but has a more spread out feel than Marquette did.  It reminds me a lot of northern Utah.
On Tuesday we drove to Fond du lac for transfers and for the rest of the day I was in a trio with Sister Ormsby and her trainer.  Her trainer is now our sister training leader, so that will be fun.  We went and visited Angel, who is a recent convert.  I have already heard so much about Angel because my Sister Ostler used to talk about her all the time.  I hope soon we can start teaching her family as well. 
Then on Wednesday we drove to the transfer point in Osh Kosh and dropped off Sister Harris.  They had a really nice devotional that I found very comforting as I was still a little nervous.  Wednesday went great though and we truly have seen miracles this week!
We have had a lesson almost everyday with our investigator, Kelly.  She went through a really sad thing this week.  We taught her a lesson about faith and hope and she told us that she felt like her faith had really been shaken because of this really hard thing she was facing.  We also told her about priesthood blessings and she said she would like one.  Sister Ormsby said she didn't know who should give her a blessing so we got out the branch list and starting going down the names.   I was scanning down the list when I saw the name of a street named Arndt and remember Sister Orsmby telling me that we had dinner with some members in the branch named Arndt in a few days.  I mentioned this name to her and we both felt that we should call Brother Arndt.  We arranged a time the next and day and he and his wife came out and gave her a Priesthood blessing.  Kelly came to church on Sunday and said that she thinks that her faith is getting stronger.  We had another member present lesson with her last night.  We work very closely with the branch here.  They are very missionary focused.
We also we had an amazing first lesson with a less active this week!  We had only planned on sharing one verse with her from the scriptures about covenants and then talking about it.  We did and she began sobbing and said that she felt the spirit tell her that morning that she needed to have her lamp relit and she said she felt that's why we were there.  She has a desire to come back and definitely felt the spirit very strongly but I think it is still going to be hard for her to take the next steps to coming back.
On Sunday I received a very warm welcome from the branch!  They are very friendly!  One of the sisters here comes out with us and feeds us every Monday and Tuesday!  We usually go out with the ward mission leader and his wife at least once a week too! 

Well, I know with all my heart that the church is refreshingly true!