Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

I'm so grateful for the many things we have been so blessed with!  The gospel is so incredible! 
This week we had 5 investigators at church!  It was so wonderful!  Aaron almost always comes to church but he doesn't usually stay for priesthood meeting.  We have been trying to work on ward fellowship so he feels more comfortable leaving his wife and going with the other men.  This week was wonderful though because he did stay for priesthood meeting and was able to sit by Lonnie (his wife's uncle), who is a less active member of the church and also a potential elder.  It was truly a blessing that Lonnie finally came to church!  Also, Hannah, and the family we have been working with also came and we were able to sit close to all of them!  It felt great! 

Despite the bitter cold this week we've actually had some sunshine!  I am very excited for the signs that spring might be coming, haha.  We went out the other day with the relief society president to visit a less active member of the ward.  They had a very long driveway and Sister Compton tried to back all the way out of it.  To make a long story short, her minivan got very very stuck in a bank of snow!  We spent an hour digging at it with shovels and trying to push it but it wouldn't move.  We ended up running down the street to the next door neighbor's house and they used their truck to pull us out.  We we're truly blessed that the neighbors were able to get us out.  We could have waited a long time for a tow truck!   That was our first time getting really really stuck and it just made my companion and I very very grateful we have a truck to use!

Besides that little adventure we visited a lot of less active members.  The ward is very spread out and we had extra miles this week so decided on Friday to drive a ways out to a less active member we had never met before.  Her name was Sister Anderson.  When we got there the whole doorstep was piled with snow, so we couldn't get to the door to ring the doorbell.  This actually happens to us fairly often.  People just stop shoveling the snow when it reaches a certain height and just go through their garages.  Well, we had driven all the way out there so we weren't about to just leave so we called their house a couple of times and nobody answered.  We prayed and her husband walked out of the garage and invited us in!  He was about to head to work and saw us in the driveway!  I'm so grateful we were able to meet with them.  Sister Anderson is a convert to the church and actually served in the Manila Philippines mission!  After her mission she married a man who was not religious and has gone less active since.  She said she still has tried to teach her children.  We decided to share a mormon message with them.  It was one that showed a family after a fire and ended with turning to the Lord in prayer during hard times of our lives.  The spirit was so sweet in that room.  They told us they had lost everything in a fire a couple years previous.  I don't think her two boys have been baptized members of the church.  She said she always hoped her husband would join the church.  I hope we can start teaching him, I just desire so much for them to be sealed as a family.
The church is warmingly true! :D