Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014

What a week!  We are definitely starting to see a lot of progression with our investigators in the area!  Aaron is going to be baptized this Saturday and we are so so  excited for him!!  He is such an incredible spirit of our Heavenly Father and has so many good desires.  He and his wife  have been through so so much these past few months and I just admire so much their faith, and humility.  We are really keeping them in our prayers!  His wife has been very ill lately so we are praying that she will be alright for his baptism this weekend. 
The family that we have been working with has a baptismal date!  They are doing well and came to church yesterday!  Our district leader this week committed us to teach our investigators about the sacrament this week and church attendance this week.  He pointed something out to us yesterday that I thought was really neat.  All of the investigators that were taught about the sacrament this week, came to church, and the other investigators didn't come.  It just really stood out to me this week how central the sacrament is to our Sunday worship and what a blessing it is in our lives.  It can be a very sacred time, even for those that are not yet members of the church, as they reflect upon the Savior.  Treasa, our other investigator preparing for baptism talked about that with us yesterday.  She has been so prepared to receive this gospel.  My mind is blown practically every time we meet with her or have a phone lesson with her (she lives really far away so we have only gone out to see her in person once).  The bishop told us at church that he could see the light in her eyes and I completely agree.  She has a light in her countenance, and is so receptive to the spirit. 
We had a missionary homecoming in the ward yesterday and it was really quite an amazing meeting.  The other speaker wasn't at church so the bishop ended up speaking as well. 
Well, we have a crazy and amazing week ahead of us!  I'm so grateful for the blessings of the restored gospel and that one of those blessings is to be able to hear from living prophets every six months!  My companion and I are getting very excited for General Conference this week!  You still can't tell it is March here.  The snow and cold are about the same but we are certainly enjoying more daylight!  One of the ward members said, "here we have winter, deep winter, deep deep winter and road construction." :)  haha. Don't worry we wear lots of layers! 

The church is purely true!  Love you all!