Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014

What a crazy week!  SO much has happened, I will try to give you the highlights. 
To start with, on Tuesday we had the Relief Society birthday dinner and I got talking to one of the members in the ward, Sister Proffer and her mother, Sister Gabbitass.  My companion and I sat with them a couple of Sundays ago at the church pot luck as well and got know them better.  It was interesting, when I first met Sister Gabbitass, I had a feeling that I have seen her before or known her before.  She is elderly and from Utah.  She told me that I seemed familiar and thought that she knew me.  She talked with me for awhile about her family history and how some of her ancestors helped build the Manti temple.  Then the next day I was thinking about her name and had a feeling to look at my family history tree.  So I did and realized that we have a Gabbitass in the family.  At Relief Society I talked to them about it and we found out that we are related!  It was so awesome!  Sister Proffer sent me some histories about the Gabbitass' family.  Sister Gabbitass said no wonder I seemed familiar, we're family, haha.  I really did have a neat feeling about it though.
Also, this we got another baptismal date!!!!!!  Yay!  One of our very solid investigators Aaron,  was just waiting for a letter back from the first presidency so he could be baptized and it arrived this week!!!!!!  We have the date set for March 29th!  He is so excited and we are soooo excted!  They are going through a lot of hard physical trials though so pray for them!  His wife got a concussion and may have to have surgery.  They are both such good people, and hard workers.  We are praying that Evelyn will recover soon! 
This week was also Stake Conference!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Elder Deshler from the quorom of the seventy came and spoke too.  It was such a tender mercy that Sister Ostler and I were able to go last minute.  The stake center is 3 hours away from us so we were only alowed to go if we got a ride from a member.  A couple days before we finally found a ride!  There was some crazy stories with that but it was soooo neat!   Our investigator, Sara, had her baptismal interview, and sat by us during the conference.  I was talking with Sara and Elder Deshler came over and talked to her about how she liked investigating the church.  She thought it was amazing that she talked to a General Authority!  She is very excited for General Conference.  Elder Deshler invited everyone there to block out their calenders for conference and do some things before, during, and after conference.  What a spiritual feast it was to be there!  The leaders of the church truly do receive revelation to help the areas they are over; they are men called of God.  Well, I have to go now.  I love you all!  The gospel is so so true and such a sweet gift to share with others!