Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April 6, 2015

Happy Easter weekend and happy General Conference weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What a good combination!  I loved all of the testimonies on the resurrection of Jesus Christ and that He lives today!  I loved Elder Pearson's talk and the one on music of course!  Elder Holland's talk was really good too.  
On Saturday after conference we went to visit the older German couple, Hans and Joan.  They were so glad that we came to see them Easter weekend!  We were even able to bring them some flowers which Joan really loved!  I thought it was a really tender mercy that we had those flowers to give.  Joan just recently broke her ankle and the past couple of weeks have not been easy for her.  We shared with them a scripture about the resurrection in the Book of Mormon and sang them " I stand all Amazed."  I have really grown to love them!  They are such a neat older couple.  
We invited Hans to watch conference on Sunday.  I think that Pres. Uchtdorf started to conduct the meeting in German just for Hans!  I bet Hans really enjoyed that!  

Holly has been doing awesome!  She came to dinner with us on Monday and Tuesday and we have been really getting to know her and have been enjoying her enthusiasm for the gospel!  She watched General Conference at the Pond's home and told us it was "AMAZING!"  

We showed Amy the "Because He Lives" video and Chang.  They really liked it.  

It was really neat this week.  I know that Pres. Monson is a true prophet called of God to lead and guide the church today!  I am so grateful for him and for the all of our church leaders and General Authorities.  I truly know that this church is true!  I am so very grateful for the blessing and guidance they have given to me in so many ways!
Love ya!

Have a great week!  Look for miracles!  The church is divinely true!