Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April 13, 2015

It was a great week!  The weeks just seem to get faster and faster!  We are seeing miracles though!  This week we had zone training in Oshkosh and interviews with Pres. Cutler.  Something we are focusing on is prayer.  In our mission conference awhile back they stressed the importance of prayer.  That this is the Lord's work and sometimes we are trying to do what only He can do, so we have to rely on His help to do it.  We are praying for not only our investigators but also the other missionaries in our district's investigators.  The hmong elders and teaching a woman named Nu. Nu was looking for service and asked our bishop, so he told her she could set up chairs for church on Sunday.

We met with Holly and Sally this week and they are doing awesome!  They have a lot of questions!  Sally couldn't come to church this week but is planning on it next week.  we still have not met her husband so we don't know what he thinks. 
This week is  a really big week!  We have a lot of appointments, with Sally, Faith, Jolene, and with a new investigator Shanquena!  It is exciting!  

Sister Parker came to church this week!  She is a very strong person.  Despite all the trials she has been through, she is a very good example of pressing forward with faith and serving those around her.  

We visited a member in the ward who is Korean, SIster Herman.  Her sister from Korea happened to be visiting her when we were planning on teaching her the restoration!  It was so cool!  She didn't understand much but SIster Herman translated some for her and she read some of the scriptures for us in Korean.  Then she came to church on Sunday!  She will be there for our next lesson too!  She is really sweet!  We sat around this heated table on the floor on these mats.  

One cool miracle:
We were about to go talk to Hannah about her friends that she gave copies of the Book of Mormon too and she wasn't home so we started to go to a potential investigator across the next street, named Linda.  My companion wanted to drive there even though we were really close so we did.  While we were turning around in the circle down the street, she said stop!  We got out of the car and walked over to a little lady named Maryland.  We told her who we were and she immediately started talking about religion and how she believes that Christ didn't just come to the people in Jerusalem but that He visited among other nations as well.  We then started telling her about the Book of Mormon!  The spirit definitely led us to her!  
well, hope y'all have a good week!  The church is courageously true!