Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's this week!  Well, we received the transfer text on Saturday and .... Sister Osmond and I are both staying together another transfer!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Yay!  So that was exciting news! It was truly one of the best Christmas experiences I've ever had!  The testimony meeting on Christmas Eve was really special  By the way, last Monday I dropped my toothbrush in something nasty and so I was going to buy a new one but decided I'd just wait and then what a surprise on Christmas, a new toothbrush, haha, mom's know everything! :)  Well, soon after I talked to all of you I got sick too so we ended up cancelling all our appointments on Christmas day because the mission nurse told us to stay inside for 24 hours.  This week has had its ups and downs but still pushing through and recovering.  Funny thing though, we were still blessed with teaching opportunities even though we weren't allowed to leave the apartment.  In fact, we set goals to teach 4 people one day and we still did!  Our next door neighbor knocked on our door to give us chocolates for Christmas and we were able to talk with her, and say a pray with her at our door and also a part member family came and brought us dinner.  It was a fun reverse, so instead of us going and knocking on doors we taught all of the people that knocked on our door, haha!  Then we just made a lot of calls as well and rested.  We have been focusing a lot on teaching restored truths.  That is what our zone training meeting was on.  Later that day we had a lot of opportunities to do that which was such a blessing.  We taught a woman named Judie about the Book of Mormon and some other things she had questions on. 
I'm really excited for the new year.  We have a lot of goals and things we want to accomplish here.  We didn't get to have solid lessons with a lot of our investigators this week and the missionary work in the ward needs some help so we are going to fast this week for the ward.  I'm grateful for the priesthood that has been restored to the earth and for my wonderful family!  You are all so shiningly brilliant!   Thanks for sharing your light with me this Christmas! :D  There is so many things I need to work on so I'm grateful for New Years and to have it right after Christmas and reading the Book of Mormon.  It really gives  you a fresh view of where you're at and vision and desire for where you want to be.  I know that this year we can draw closer to the Savior as individuals and families!  That is something that was talked about it sacrament meeting yesterday and it really stood out to me.  We can all do things that help us deepen our relationship with Jesus Christ, and bring us in line with our Heavenly Father's will for us.  We all have a work to do!   A quote I liked was that "as we draw closer to Christ we draw closer  as a family, and as we draw closer as a family we draw closer to the Christ."  

The Church is  lastingly true!