Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015

I only have a few minutes so I'll try to be fast!  So I"ll have to tell you the story later but I met our cousin, Alexis Prestwich's best friend Dani and her husband Chris!  She said she was a bridesmaide at Alexis's wedding!  It was so cool!  This week was great!  There was so many blessings!  The work is really picking up and we have been so so busy this week!  It has been so busy that we have just been praying for the strength and energy to do it all, which is a great thing!  And we have definitely been strengthened!  We had a chapel tour and taught the restoration to a cute little family.  They are so awesome!  They really are excited to learn more!  We also have a baptismal date now with Ariana!  Lots of things are happening.  We also met with a really awesome new hispanic family, who have not been to church since they moved here to Sheboygan for a couple of years.  The grandma was really funny, she told us she would see the elders walk by and would yell from inside the house, "elders, elders! And they don't hear me."  Then she said "then there was these two freezing ladies outside my door."  Haha, that was us!  They are great, pray for them.  The baby is sick.  We have zone training again tomorrow and we are really excited!  We had a lot of great miracles this week but I don't have time to write them.  I'll try to get them in my journal so I'll remember.  I'm grateful for how much God knows and loves His children!  Love ya!

The church is gracefully true!