Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry Christmas

We have been really blessed with referrals lately!  Sister Osmond wrote on our board "ye receive not because ye ask not."  Apply this to referrals and it is really neat.  We have been praying and the Lord has been answering our prayers.  A really neat referral we received was during our District training meeting.  During our meeting our phone started to ring and it was a number we didn't recognize so we answered it.  My first day here in Sheboygan we went to a playgroup that a member family in the ward arranged and invited a lot of friends.  So we made sure to introduce ourselves to everyone and also we helped prepare for this big pasta dinner they were doing and introduced ourselves to Julie and left our number with her.  Julie was the one that called us!  She called and told us she was just telling everyone about us and that she had a friend, Rene, that really needed help with her house, getting it in order to put up for sale.  So we went over there and helped her clean and told her about the Book of Mormon.  She said she wasn't very religious but that she would read it!  Yay!  Then we also got referrals from the Spanish elders, our zone leaders, and Bro. Jacobs!  Miracles are happening in Sheboygan!

Another really cool Christmas miracle was that I got to see Sister Brandley my trainer this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :D  It was such a good evening!   She is going home but her parents came to pick her up so they were visiting all the areas she served in!  So she came to Sheboygan and had dinner at Marsha's house.  Marsha is a really awesome recent convert!  When we walked in I was looking around the room for Sister Brandley but didn't see her, then she jumped out from behind the curtains and gave me a big hug!  It was the best and I could just see her light glowing!  It reminded me of Alma 17:2-3.  

Well, Sunday was a beautiful baptism for Ashton, a little girl in the ward!  Sunday was a really great day!  Valerie came to church for the 3rd week in a row!  And Thaina and her brother Bruno came to church too!  Bruno came from Dubei!  This morning we had a lesson with Sister Olmedo.  We watched the "He is the gift" video with her and I really just felt so much joy and gratitude for the Savior!   Christ is the reason for the season!  Thanks mom and dad, for always teaching us that!  I'm so very grateful to finish reading the Book of Mormon this week as a gift to the Savior!  I know that it is true!  He is the gift!