Saturday, June 7, 2014

June 2, 2014

What a week!  The whole week was a little unusual because everything was moved up a day.  So our p-day was Tuesday, District meeting was Wednesday, and then the next day was weekly planning so the week went by pretty fast.  Well, transfers are this week and...
my companion and I are both staying!  Yay!  I love Fond du Lac and am so excited that my companion and I are here together again for another transfer.  Kelly is really progressing toward her baptismal date on June 14th.  She has come to church almost every week that I have been here and this week she was even on time!  She is now reading in Jacob in the Book of Mormon and I can just see her excitement for baptism every time we talk about it with her.  A funny thing with transfers though, Elder Williams, is one of the Fond du Lac elders and he has been here ever since November and was sure that he would be leaving this transfer.  On Saturday when we got the transfer text his name was not on it.  We were all very surprised but later we found out the assistants just forgot to put his name on the list and he is being transferred.  Also, one of the sisters in our district is being transferred so we will have two new missionaries in our district.
We are also starting to work with a woman named Carolyn and a man named Dave.  Dave has been taught by missionaries before so we will see how it goes. 
Don't have much time today but I will just say I am so grateful for the blessings of the atonement in our lives.  I have so much to learn about still but I do know that the Lord cares a lot about each of us individually.  We called a potential investigator named Karen this week and scheduled an appointment for her on Saturday.  On Friday we felt we should call to confirm the appointment since we had a member coming with us.  When we called we found out that Karen's brother had passed away unexpectedly the day before.  She told us she wouldn't be home for the appointment but that she would like it if we would go see her parents who would be at her house.  When we came for the appointment, Karen was there and we were able to share a few scriptures with her and our testimonies of the Savior.  I know that the Lord knows our situations and cares about each one of us so much!  He knows what we go through and answers our prayers for help. 
The gospel provides so much peace and comfort.

Well, the church is timelessly true!  Love you!