Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 9, 2014

What a wonderful week!  This past weekend was Stake Conference weekend here and so we went up to Neenah.  All of the missionaries were asked to sing in the choir, which I enjoyed thoroughly!  I love the power and Spirit that the hymns bring into our meetings!  Elder Rhodes of the seventy spoke.  On Sunday he talked a lot about prayer and explained it as it is defined in the Bible dictionary.  He said that we can measure our conversion through our prayers.  I also really enjoyed Sister Cutler's talk on being a missionary and strengthening our testimonies as well, through studying the Book of Mormon. 

Our investigator Kelly has changed so much through her study of the Book of Mormon.  At our lesson with her the other day she showed us some of her favorite scriptures that she had read this weekend and it was just neat to see her excitement about the scriptures.  We are so excited for her baptism this weekend! :D  She has come so far and is truly changing.  You can see the light in her eyes.  In the beginning she was hesitant to set a baptismal date with us. Now she is really determined to enter into this covenant. 
Well, this week we met again with Skip, the one who told us that the prophet showed him around temple square when he was there, and he also told us that he has met with missionaries before.  It seems every time we talk with him we get a new surprise.  Well, he wants to start meeting with us! Yay!  He has a really bad back injury and is mostly paralyzed because of a fall he had but he is really nice, liked the things that the missionaries taught him, and talks a lot about moving to Utah, haha. 
Anyway, this weekend was also what they call here, walleye weekend.  It is a huge fishing tournament where they have sports, music, shops, kind of like a big fair.  We heard a lot about that but didn't get to go ourselves.  We have a pretty full week ahead of us and a lot of appointments, so that is nice.  It is exciting to see our teaching pool slowly growing.  We are a little concerned for the Enciso family though.  They are strongly Catholic but are interested in the Book of Mormon.  The mother has been struggling a lot lately though.  I sure do love their family though!  They are such a kind and fun family. 

Well, I love you all!!!  The church is gloriously true! :D