Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January 27, 2014

There is a lot of big news for this week!  My companion, Sister Brandley, and both of the elders in our ward, Elder Crandal and Elder Baldwin, are getting transferred!  They are splitting the zones and putting in zone leaders here in Marquette so the UP is going to be its own zone now!  My new companion is going to be Sister Ostler!!!  We had a feeling big things were coming to Marquette! Maybe that explains the opposition that this area has seen in the past couple of weeks.  I'm sad to say good by to Sister Brandley but we are all very excited for the new things that this week will bring!  My companion is reopening the Sheboygan area and is also training again!  I know it will be quite the adventure for her and I will be praying for her. :)
I don't have much time but I will try to fit in as much as I can. 
On Monday we had dinner with a recent convert, Kim, out in Gwinn.  She fed us homemade sushi and rice balls with egg drop soup!  It was delicious!  A less-active member of the ward they invited came as well and we taught them the Plan of Salvation.  
On Tuesday we met with a wonderful potential family.  The father teaches religion at the university here and was very kind to us.  They pray and read the scriptures as a family already but the mom doesn't see the need for the Book of Mormon.  They said we can come back though and stop in for dinner anytime!
One of my favorite lessons this week was with a girl named Hannah on Wednesday.  My companion and I were introduced to grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (which are surprisingly really good!)  and we came up with a fun way to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ using grilled PB&J sandwiches!  It was really great!  I think it also really helped her realize why she needs to read on her own to know for herself that it is true (you can't know if a grilled PB&J sandwich is good just by hearing about it you have to taste it for yourself).  We stopped by on Friday and she had done the reading we assigned her!!!  
We also volunteered at a cross country ski race serving soup this week!  During the race there was a really bad white out but it was super exciting!!!  All of the racers came in with pure white faces from the snow!  Sister Brandley and I had fun running in the storm to our truck as well, haha.  The weather is always exciting up here :)  That day we also got stuck for the first time, in the silliest place too!  We were blessed to get out quickly though.  
It is so exciting to see the progress that the less actives we are working with are making!  One of them is an older couple.  The husband had gotten baptized for his wife and didn't really participate in our lessons when we first went to see them but now you can truly see the change in his countenance over the last couple of weeks!  Tears come to his eyes when we talk about the gospel and he is now reading the Book of Mormon.  He is happy and wants to start taking the temple preparation classes so they can be sealed in the temple!  There are also two other less active families that have come to church twice now!  Now we just need to get our investigators coming too! :)  
Love you all!  The church is brightly true!
Sister Prestwich :)