Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014

I don't have a lot of time today.   What a week!  it was zone training this week and I went on exchanges with the sister training leaders.  I was with Sister Newton in Greenbay, Wisconsin for a day.  It was a blast!  We had a super cool experience with finding a family.  God is definitely preparing people to hear our message.  That morning I went on my first winter jog. :)  Surprisingly, I got really hot and wished I hadn't put on so many layers, haha.  It was fun though! 
We also had our first media referral this week.  We met with her and she wants to come to church and for us to teach her more. 
Also, today was really neat.  We met someone here at the library just barely who said they felt like they were definitely guided to us today and we taught them a lesson and meeting with them again tomorrow.  They said they haven't come to this library for a year and can't even use the computers but felt like they should today.  My favorite part was when they said '"Why hasn't anyone ever told me this before?" 
I know that the Lord is in this work and I am seeing it more than ever before!  He is in the details of our lives and He is definitely shaping us.  I know that everything we experience and our trials help us to grow even if we don't know how the Lord is shaping us.  The coolest part is that somehow it also fits together perfectly with those around us. My companion and I need prayers this week!  I have a feeling that this week my companion and I will be given many opportunities to grow more than ever before. 
 I love you
-Sister Prestwich