Monday, February 16, 2015

February 9th, 2015

This email is going to be short!  But so much has happened in the past 2 weeks with the work!  First of all  transfers are this week and Sister Osmond is being transferred to the Madison 4th ward and I will be training a new missionary!  It has been so crazy but I have truly seen how, even in the past 2 weeks, this area has been prepared for her!  So we went to the temple on Friday it was such a beautiful experience and so nice to go with SIster Osmond before we received the transfer text the very next day and found out she was leaving.  I will miss her SO  much!!!!  But her new companion is my MTC companion,  SIster Clawson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They will be so wonderful together!   We have 4 new investigators!   Ana,  a referral from Bishop Holmes,  she speaks Romanian and has come to church for the past 2 weeks now!  Also,  Fatih and Joleen.  We helped shovel for her and then we came back and talked with her more.  Her friend came to our first little lesson with her along with one of the sisters from the ward.  She said that she was really glad that she met us.  Her friend Joleen has such a cute family!  We went to go so bye to her and her whole family was together playing board games together!  It seemed like family night.  We might have to let the Spanish elders help teach them though because they speak Spanish.  It would be really great to teach them but if it is better language wise to let the elders teach them we will refer them to the elders. 
Also,  Yu, our Japanese investigator,  came to church this week!  He said it reminded him a lot about when he was in Utah.   He has been keeping a lot of commitments!  Anyway, I have to go!  Love you!

The church is transformingly true!