Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October 13, 2014

Well, it was a little bit of a surprise but I will be staying in Fond Du Lac for another transfer!  We had transfers this week and everyone thought I would go but I guess my work in Fond du Lac is not done yet!  I'm excited for another transfer here!  I love Fond Du Lac, it is a very nice place to be and will work hard this transfer. 

We don't do activities too often on P-days because we our district is so spread out but on Monday we went to a marsh and caught frogs!  I will have to send pictures next week!  It was actually pretty fun.  We also played ultimate frisby, which I am getting a lot better at.

 We have been doing a lot of tracting lately, which has been hard but I know that the Lord is blessing us. We don't usually find too many new investigators through tracting.  This week we found 3 new investigators: Courtney, Michael, and Anna.  Anna is awesome and has met sisters before. Michael we met on the street as we were walking and started talking to him about he Book of Mormon.  He quickly accepted a copy and we invited him to read 3 Nephi 11.  He said he would read it and then he would start at the beginning and read the whole thing!

Although, we didn't have a lot of success with investigators this week we did see a lot of miracles with less actives.  We saw the Sister Zedan this week.  She is so nice and really wants to come back to church.  She said that she and her girls were all ready to come last Sunday but her husband wouldn't let them go because he thought it would make him look bad if they went without him.   We usually meet with her in the morning when most of her kids are at school and decided to do it when the whole family is there.  She invited us for dinner this week!  Pray for Bro. Zedan.
Then we also met with Matt this week.  His sister usually sit in on our lessons and is strong in her church so she usually doesn't participate very much. Well, this time she asked for a Book of Mormon so she could follow along while we read and also shared what she liked about the chapter we read too.  Then to top it off she gave us a half referral.  She said she has a friend, Lisa, in the hospital who is going through a hard time and she said that it would be good if we met with her!  She didn't have any contact information for us yet though. 

Sunday was awesome this week!  Emily gave her farewell talk!  It was so so good!  She is going to be an awesome missionary!  She shared some stories about sister missionaries and talked about how the one message she really wants everyone to know is that "your Heavenly Father loves you."  She went on to share some experiences where missionaries were surprised when they were prompted to say or share something that the person they met really needed but that the person never got baptized or started investigating.  They then realized that sometimes Heavenly Father works through us just to comfort His children, and to simply show His love for them.  It was a powerful sacrament meeting and one that Sister Cosgrove and I needed.  Well, Emily left today for the MTC and will soon be serving in Murray Utah!  If you see Sister Prellwitz soon say hi to her for me!  I know that Heavenly Father does know and love each one of us and He wants us to know that!  Missionary work is so much about loving those around us! 
Well, hope you have a great week!  The fall colors are beautiful!   The church is lovingly true!