Monday, July 28, 2014

July 21, 2014

What a crazy week it has been!  But also one of many miracles!

The beginning of the week we were rushing to visit all of our investigators, before Sister Ormsby left on Wednesday. 
It was crazy but we did it. Sister Ormsby went to Milwaukee and is in a trio now!  She will do wonderful things there and I will miss her!  My new companion is Sister Cosgrove!  She is from Orem, Utah and we have had a lot of adventures and fun together this week!  Her companion is now serving in Marquette with Sister Ostler!  It is neat to see the connections!
We had a lesson with Donna at Sister Fesutel's home and it was wonderful.  It really does make a world of difference to have a missionary lesson in a member's home.  Sister Feustel truly shows her love and concern for Donna and knows her so well so she can help her understand things the things that we discuss with her.  It also helps that Sister Feustel is also a convert and knows what it is like to be a young investigator.  It has been difficult to get her to church lately though.  Donna used to come every week and now her mom has started this brunch on Sundays exactly the same time as church so Donna has not been able to come.  So that is sad but we hope that she still continues to want to meet with us.  Donna loves learning Spanish and my companion went to church in a spanish branch so she learned how to say the prayer in spanish there.  Sister Cosgrove said the prayer in Spanish at the end of the lesson for Donna and Donna absolutely loved it!  Donna is trying to teach me a little as well.
On Fridays, we volunteer at the hospital with a girl named Nicole.  She absolutely love playing the piano!  We sometimes get to play together at the hospital.  Anyway, she has had some question about the church as well and it has been neat to have an opportunity to talk about the church while we volunteer.  To our surprise on Friday evening some members took us out to eat at the Eden Grill and that is where Nicole works and also another member of the branch named Emily.  Emily is waiting for her mission call.  Well, she was super excited that we were there and at the end she said "see you next Friday or maybe sooner!"  That made us excited but we will see what happens.  At another lesson with the Lennop family, grandma Charlotte was there and she is a former investigator.  We invited her to church and she was thinking about.  She wants to try to quit smoking.  I think her heart is softening. 
We had a lot of other things happen this week too, like a great lesson with Bonnie.  She says she is starting to understand it better now.  We have a problem with getting our investigators to church though because a lot of the are older and it is hard for them to get out of the house.
I just love the branch here!  Sister Reigel, Sister Schrauth, Bro. and Sister Schmidt, all sacrifice so much for the gospel!  They always ask what days can we come out with you.  Well, we are continually praying for miracles and for a baptism in each area by October General Conference.  Some areas have already seen baptisms so far that haven't had them in over a year.  So miracles are happening.  Sister Cosgrove and I decided to study diligence this week in our studies together and then today we got an email from Pres. Cutler about mission tour in August and we were asked to study diligence, haha.  It is amazing how things like that happen!
One more miracle!  We met the guy that works at Wal-mart again today and he said he has been reading the Book of Mormon and really likes what it teaches about Christ!   We met him a couple of weeks again and told him to read it and said he would.  It is neat to see that he is and that he is thinking about calling the missionaries (us). 

Well, the church is miraculously true! love you!