Monday, May 12, 2014

May 11, 2014

       We had an appointment this week with someone at the Rosoland which is a big building in town and so we were waiting outside for them and went up and talked to a man sitting on one of the benches.  He told us that some of his family came from Puerto Rico and we started to talk about family history.  Long story short, we have an appointment with him this week at the library to help him get started on his family history!  Yay!  We had zone conference this week and it was all about families and using family history to find new investigators, so it was neat to have a little experience with that this week. 
      We met with a lot of less active members this week.  There is a lot of single women in the ward that have gone less active and we really tried to reach out to them this week and share a message with them for mothers day.  We went out after we skyped yesterday and it seems like we went to the right people.  A lot of the ones we stopped by didn't have there families with them for mother's day. 

       Kelly our investigator that wants to be baptized bore her testimony on finding her answer to be baptized and the Book of Mormon yesterday in relief society and also two other converts.  It was great.  Angel, one of the very new converts, also told us that she was able to talk to her sister about the gospel!  I love seeing her great desire to share the gospel with those around her!  
 I'm so grateful for Heavenly Father's wonderful plan for families to be together forever!  What a powerful message this is! The church is mightily true!